Responsive design

Our templates are designed to work in modern browsers from desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

No heavy frameworks

Our designs doesn't require heavy frameworks. This means your site will be lighter and faster.

Easy to use

We removed the over complicated settings, our templates are ready to work with minor setups.

Mobile Menu

The menu design addapts to the modern mobile browsers, no matter the screensize.

Google Fonts

Choose from a list of hundreds of fonts available in Google Fonts page.

Custom Color

Set your own color very easy from the template settings. Unlimited possibilities.

Your brand

Adding your own logo to a website can't be easier. Upload your image and that's it!

Native Templates

Our products are native templates. No heavy frameworks are required; we provide design easy to use.

Less maintenance

We reduced the number of updates. If we release one in future, will be optional unless you want the new features.

Built with Bootstrap.

We use Bootstrap 2 in our templates. This means you can use the documentation from the official website to create custom pages to your needs.

Note: some templates may include more features that are not listed here. We recommend read the template details.