Tweet Cards plugin add support for Twitter Cards to your Joomla articles when you share them on Twitter.

I'm glad to announce Tweet Cards now uses Joomla! Update System. From Tweet Cards 1.2.1 you will receive notifications when a new version of the extension is available. Directly in your backend.

If you are using Tweet Cards 1.2.0 or lower, we recommend you to install the most recent version that includes Joomla! Update System, so for future versions of the plugin you will update it easily.

Are you using Tweet Cards 1.2.0 or lower?

If you are using a previous version of Tweet Cards, or you are unsure about which version is installed on your site, please download the new version from here. This new version of Tweet Cards contains the support to detect new updates in future.

Install it as you do with new extension from Extensions > Manage. This process will update your version and keep your settings intact.

Have feedback about Tweet Cards?

If you are using the plugin and have problems, send me a message through my contact page.