The Trump my Site module display memorable random quotes by the new President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. This module works on backend, and will be visible just below the login form.

In this post, I'll show you how to install and setup Trump my Site to show quotes in your backend. Let's start...

Get Trump my Site

Install Trump my Site

Install the file you just downloaded as any regular extension:

  1. Extensions
  2. Manage
  3. Upload package file
  4. Browse the zip you just downloaded
  5. Upload and install

joomla trump my site module

Wait until the installation is completed. You will see a success message then.

Configure Trump my Site

  1. Go to Extensions
  2. Modules
  3. Switch to "Administrator", to see the modules for administrator area
  4. Find the "Trump my site" module

joomla trump my site module

  1. Choose Position "login"
  2. Set Status as "published"
  3. Save and close

joomla trump my site module

End result

Logout to see the random quotes in action in the backend login -

joomla trump my site module

You can refresh the backend login to see more phrases said by Trump.

What a better way to start your work day!! (#sarcasm)