Inner Content plugin integrate AdSense with your Joomla articles.

Today I'm happy to release Inner Content Pro, to help you monetize longer Joomla articles with AdSense support.

Inner Content Pro add support to display 10 AdSense blocks between 40 paragraphs in your Joomla articles, however depending on user's feedback we may increase those values.

Get Inner Content Pro

go pro

  • Once you completed the process, go to My Account > Downloads section to get the plugin.

Install Inner Content Pro

Install the file you just downloaded as any regular extension from Extensions > Manage > Install.

Configure Inner Content Pro

  • Go to Extensions
  • Plugins
  • Inner Content Pro
  • Paste your AdSense snippets in each block.

paste adsense

  • Save and close

End result

Preview your article to see the AdSense blocks or any custom HTML you added between paragraphs:

end result

The example above is from a blog in spanish; Inner Content Pro works with any language site.