The easiest Joomla plugin for Twitter Cards is now listed in the official Twitter developer site.

Tweet Cards for Joomla is showcased alongside with plugins for other CMSs such as WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. 

Tweet Cards plugin add support for Twitter Cards to your Joomla articles when you share them on Twitter.

I'm glad to announce Tweet Cards now uses Joomla! Update System. From Tweet Cards 1.2.1 you will receive notifications when a new version of the extension is available. Directly in your backend.

Inner Content plugin integrate AdSense with your Joomla articles.

Today I'm happy to release Inner Content Pro, to help you monetize longer Joomla articles with AdSense support.

Inner Content Pro add support to display 10 AdSense blocks between 40 paragraphs in your Joomla articles, however depending on user's feedback we may increase those values.

Tweet Cards add support to Joomla sites to convert links into cards when you share them on twitter.

Today we release a new version that include support for "Summary Card with Large Image". This means, the article's image will be displayed in a bigger size in your tweets.