Joomla can be improved in many aspects in order to reach more audience and make it more user friendly.

In this short post I list a few proposals I personally think must be a priority in order to make this CMS even better.

I'm aware some people (specially the ones who think that owns Joomla and forget this is a community driven project) may say this topic is out of discussion; don't take it in the negative way, the text below is a personal opinion to make Joomla easier to use in order to target more audience.

Better URLs

This one is a work in progress.

A couple of years ago a crowfunding campaign initiated this suggestion to improve the SEF; in short this means remove the articles and categories ids from the URLs when there is no item id assigned to them.

It's matter of time to see this feature in the core.

Get rid of menu items

This one is highly important but not easy to achieve.

I'm a fan of menu items because that's the way Joomla works; menu items allow us to define the structure links of a Joomla website, however managing links in this way is painful for new users.

Proposal: every article and category should have a permalink without dependency on menu items.

Assign modules based on URLs

Assigning modules based on URL is more friendly than based on menu items.

Advanced Module Manager by Regular Labs provide this feature, however would be nice to include it in the Joomla core.