URLs are important to get organic traffic for our websites.

You can have non-SEF URLs and your website will be reached by the people, however having SEF URLs will increase those numbers!

For SEO purposes, a URL that reflect the content (by using the title with hyphens) has more value than the URL that only the server has idea what' the title is.

I'll share an example about both cases to explain my point.

A URL that Google understand


This link give me a general idea about the page's content.

A URL that only the server understand


This link doesn't give me any clue about the content; due the pattern of the URL, only the #joomlers would understand is a full article, but without idea about what's the page about.

Luckily, Joomla now has partial SEF support to use more friendly URLs like this:


Looks much better, right? But... yeah, there is a small "but".

The URL include the id plus hyphen (1-) just before the title, and this is due the content in Joomla needs menu items pointing to each article and category to remove them and get the best possible result. Not having a menu item linked to this article would result in this: 1-germany-wins-world-cup instead of just germany-wins-world-cup.

In this short example there is a menu item pointing to the category blog, but since a blog has a lot of articles, would be really a pain to create menu items for each new post. This leaves the "Hello world" article orphan and the id must be displayed as part of the URL.