Joomla can be improved in many aspects in order to reach more audience and make it more user friendly.

In this short post I list a few proposals I personally think must be a priority in order to make this CMS even better.

I'm aware some people (specially the ones who think that owns Joomla and forget this is a community driven project) may say this topic is out of discussion; don't take it in the negative way, the text below is a personal opinion to make Joomla easier to use in order to target more audience.

URLs are important to get organic traffic for our websites.

You can have non-SEF URLs and your website will be reached by the people, however having SEF URLs will increase those numbers!

For SEO purposes, a URL that reflect the content (by using the title with hyphens) has more value than the URL that only the server has idea what' the title is.

I'll share an example about both cases to explain my point.

Drawing with CSS is possible, it requires practice and patience. Specially patience...

While you realize CSS is about designing geometric elements (squares, circles, lines, etc.) to draw triangles or pentagons requires a few tricks.

Do you need a template to refresh your Joomla site?

I'll share with you 4 choices that are available for free and are compatible with Joomla 3.

Let's start...